Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Recap

Abby and Caleb were in a wedding recently, and our crazy week last week prevented me from being able to post anything about it!  

They both "performed" perfectly, and Caleb took his duties as the ring bearer very seriously.  He didn't get to carry the rings, but perhaps if he had, they wouldn't have been left in the best man's car!!!!  (True, and hysterically funny, story!)  I don't think anyone is ever going to forget that wedding!

In all seriousness, it was a beautiful, God-honoring wedding and I think everyone had a lot of fun.  The kids loved the dancing and Abby cried whenever I took her off the dance floor.  :)

This is Abby with her co-flower girl, who was adorable!  The two of them became fast friends!

The other flower girl's mom caught this one, and I absolutely love her smile!  With their backs to us are Caleb and his co-ring bearer.  He was quite enamored with Abby, and I think she may have had a little crush on him as well!

The beautiful bride and handsome groom with all the kids...at least one is smiling!

Just a phone picture of my cute kiddos with their "sister."  :) 

I have a couple of videos I took on my phone as well, but I can't seem to upload them here.  I'll work on it and try to upload them on another post.

Besides loving watching one of my favorite women get married, I had two favorite parts of the night as a momma:  1).  Watching Abby and Caleb walk in together after they were announced as part of the bridal party.  I never would have thought that would have happened if you had asked me 8 months ago!  Caleb was SO good about leading Abby.  He is the perfect big brother!  2).  The daddy-daughter dance to "My Wish."  They invited all of the daddies and daughters to dance, and Matt took Abby.  The song was perfect, and I about bawled my eyes out.  Ok, I'm crying just thinking about it.  

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Erin said...

Thank you for allowing them do be in the wedding! It really meant a lot to me to have your family involved because your family!! And the kids were adorable and I am so glad that they all made friends! I think the pictures of them all dancing together are me favorite!! Love it! Oh and I saw Matt dancing with Abby too and it melted me heart, so precious.