Monday, July 2, 2012

Eating Updates

Abby is eating a lot more by mouth now.  In fact, she ate the equivalent of a gtube feed (180 calories) TWICE yesterday!!  I was so proud of her.  We've been working really hard at it, and have been striving toward a goal of 2 ounces of food a meal.  (That's 2 ounces of majorly beefed-up, high calorie food!)

Our first feeding therapy is on Tuesday, and I am really excited!  I'm hoping that they will cut a feed so that Abby can be hungrier during the day and eat more by mouth.  Of course, I don't want her to lose weight either, but our weekly therapy will be keeping close tabs on her weight.  I think this feeding therapy is a big step in the right direction, because right now Abby eats, either by mouth or by gtube, pretty much all day long.  She's never hungry!  I'm excited to hear what they have to say, and am especially looking forward to Abby going under the care of a GI who specializes in feeding therapy.  He will be the one "in charge" of her feeds, so I'm hoping he will be aggressive in getting Abby to eat by mouth.

Boring post...sorry!  I'm having a little bit of writer's block, but I'm working on a great collaboration "You Might Be _____ If..." post that I think you're going to love!  Vague?  Perhaps!  Look for it soon though!  :)

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