Friday, July 6, 2012

GI Update

Real quick update on my quest to get one of Abby's feeds cut so that she will be hungrier and eat more orally...

Well, things did not go quite as planned.  Abby has lost 3 ounces since the last time we went to GI (not pounds, ounces.)  I wasn't concerned by that at all, but they were.  She's only in the 10th percentile, and they didn't like that.  Never mind that Caleb is also in the 10th percentile, and I'm a tiny person myself.  I also pointed out that no one monitors a typical toddler to the ounce or requires that he/she get a certain amount of calories a day.  They didn't seem to appreciate any of that.

Basically, they refused to cut a feed.  A "compromise" is to slightly reduce the amount of calories she'll take (60 mls over 24 hours) and bump more mls to the night feeds.  Then, Abby will only have two daytime feeds.  They seem to think this will maker her hungrier...I'm a little skeptical.

I asked what I needed to do to get them to cut a feed, and they said she needs to gain about an ounce a week for at least a month.  Got it!

Off we went to Whole Foods, where I stocked up on ground Chia seeds, Flax seeds, and a Super Fruit smoothie mix.  These are all high in good fat and calories, and also Omega 3s!  2 tablespoons of Flax seed gives 80 calories...that's quite a boost per ounce, and I usually need to thicken up the veggies after I puree them anyway.  Woo hoo...let the weight gain begin.

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