Monday, August 16, 2010


Tomorrow is our second sonogram for Abigail, and we're hoping for good news.  Specifically, we want to see her fluid levels stay the same and proportional to her size, and we want her to move her head up, down, and side to side.  These are the key factors to her continued development!

Tomorrow will also be our tour of the NICU and the high-risk delivery unit.  I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this, because I know I'll see and hear things that I don't want to think about.  I think what will be the saddest part to me is the babies that don't have anyone there to love on them, which I hear is kind of the norm in a big city hospital.  I might just have to sign up to hold a few... :)  We are thankful to have gotten to schedule the tour and even more thankful that our guide will be the chief of neonatology for the hospital!  We have our list of questions ready!!  (Yes, even Matt had some!)

I was happy to have scheduled this appointment before school starts and I have to use leave, but bummed that I was "wasting" my last day with Caleb.  I sure didn't want to leave him home with someone on my last day I could have him with me!  We decided a compromise was in order and asked a reliable, wonderful teenager in our youth group if she would be willing to come with us and watch him while we had our appointments.  She happily agreed!  This way, we can still be with him and we have plans to have some fun in Annapolis afterward, complete with dinner and dessert at Chick-and-Ruth's!  Yay for making a fun day out of a day full of appointments!

If I have anything to update, I will write an Abigail's Journey blog post over the next few days...but remember, I'll be back in school come Wednesday, so time will be precious!

Please pray for us tomorrow in the following ways:
*  That Abigail's neck mobility continues to be good
*  That fluid levels stay consistent
*  That we will get lots of good information from the NICU tour and feel a peace about her going there
*  That we will be mentally prepared for the sadness of the NICU
*  That we have a great last day off as a family (+1!)  :)

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ds said...

I'm praying for all those things but I'm also praying that the jaw has grown and there is no longer a problem. God can work miracles. He has a plan.