Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Umbrella

At the Baysox game on Sunday, the giveaway was a fairly nice umbrella with the Baysox logo on it.  Matt and I each got one, and Caleb got a cute growth chart.  We put them in the cup holders at our seats so that they would be out of the way and I'd avoid tripping on them.

After a few innings, Caleb and I went to check out the games in the kids' section.  We came back to find that one of our umbrellas was missing.  Matt was there the entire time.  He had no idea where they went.  Quite observant, isn't he?

Then, I noticed that the people directly in front of us (who came late to the game) had an umbrella.  Coming late is a good way to miss getting the giveaway, because they only have a certain number.  Hmmmmm.

So then I started getting really mad.  Those people stole our umbrella!  I hate thievery!  Matt thought I was making a big deal out of nothing.   After all, they were free.  And perhaps I was.  But they stole our umbrella!! 

An usher came by and the thief asked him if the umbrellas were today's giveaway.  He said yes, and the woman asked if she could have that one.  He kind of looked at her weird and asked where she found it.  She said she found it in the cupholder behind her (in OUR cupholder right were WE were sitting!!)  The usher glanced at me and asked the woman if the umbrella was ours.  She looked over her shoulder as if it was the first time she noticed us and appeared shocked (or at least did a good job acting like it...professional thief, I'd say!)  I nodded that it was ours.  She meekly asked if we wanted it back and I decided that since she at least knew she'd stolen it, I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.  I shook my head and said that it was okay.  She didn't argue too much.

They must have really wanted that umbrella...

Here's a picture of the thief-turned-not-observant-person.  She's the one in yellow.  Her family is sitting in front of her.  She moved back a row for some reason.

Yeah, Matt was really mad at me for taking this picture.  I had to be able to identify the thief somehow! 
For the record, I took this before I knew that she *supposedly* didn't know it was ours.

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