Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Abigail's Journey: Part 2

If you're new to Abigail's Journey, click here.  You'll be pretty much lost if you don't!

Today was our next sonogram and it was fairly uneventful.  Caleb was able to see Abigail for the first time, which excited him to no end!  The jaw is looking about the same and the fluid levels are still good.  So, nothing is worse, which is good.  We learned something:  we will be scheduling all of our appointments on Thursdays so that we can see our favorite perinatologist!  We weren't overly enthralled with the person we say today.  Other than that, there wasn't any new information.

I will be switching my care to a local OB that delivers at UMD-B, but I will not need to have a perinatologist deliver me.  Unless there becomes a problem with my health, the important thing is to have the neonatologist there for Abigail.  I will be calling tomorrow to inquire about making an appointment and how to switch my care. 

The "highlight" of the appointments was the NICU tour, which wasn't nearly as intense as I feared it would be.  Everything was actually very calm and low-key; it was not at all the high-stress situation I imagined.  The babies are put into one of four rooms depending on the kind of care they will need, which means the nurses specialize in taking care of a certain kind of baby.  We learned what lots of the different instruments and breathing pieces were and were informed about the ins and outs of the NICU. 

We were shown around by the head neonatologist in the NICU, and we really, really liked her.  She was very easy to talk to and didn't minimize any of our fears.  I also really appreciated how she took the time to explain everything going on with the babies, which allowed us to relax a bit and begin to understand the assistance being given to the little ones.

By far the saddest part of the day was the fact that out of 20+ babies, only ONE mother was there...at 10:30 a.m.!!  I was shocked and disappointed.  I know that life needs to go on and people need to work, but really?  We were both floored by this.  I will hold those poor little babies!!!

We did get some great information about the NICU: 
1.  Caleb will be able to visit Abby in the NICU (provided he's healthy, has had his flu shot, and Abby is doing well.)
2.  Anyone we want to come visit her can come visit her with one of us as their escort (provided they are healthy, have had their flu shot, and Abby is doing well!)
3.  The NICU is open 24 hours a day, so I can stay with her as long as I want.  The only exceptions are during shift changes and doctors' rounds (for confidentiality's sake).
4.  We are invited to be an active participant in the doctors' discussions about Abigail if we want to be. (I told her that they'd be tired of me by the time we left.  She replied that that would never happen.  The ones who they get tired of are the ones who never come and don't care.)  :(

After our appointments, we went to Annapolis to introduce Caleb and Heather (our wonderful babysitter who was soooo incredibly patient with Caleb and us during this long day!!) to Chick and Ruth's...yum!!!  After a great lunch topped off by milkshakes all around, we walked off some of the calories by the docks and on the Naval Academy grounds.  It was a nice end to summer, but that doesn't mean I won't miss my boy tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I wish they'd let me come hold babies too! That breaks my heart.

I'll be sure to get my first ever flu shot so I can come visit you and Abby! Glad the tour was helpful and not scary!

Was she moving her neck? I've been praying for that every time I think of her!!

Karen S. P. said...

Really, Julie? How many hours was your NICU tour?

Karen S. P. said...

Clara is praying for Abby, too. But we haven't told her anything yet. What can we tell her?