Monday, August 30, 2010

Ride, Fair Maid!

On Saturday was the 144th Annual Jousting Tournament at a local church.  That's a long tradition of jousting!!  This was our first time going as a family, although Matt had gone once when he was 10 or so. 

The basic idea of jousting is that a rider gets his/her horse in a trot (a sloooow trot or a fast trot, depending on how good the rider is!) and tries to get a spear through a tiny little loop.  There are three gates on the run, and they get three runs.  A perfect score would be 9 loops.  That's jousting in a nutshell!!

We only watched the youngest and most inexperienced riders, so we learned that next time we'll go later in the day for a more entertaining show.  Caleb, however, loved every minute of it!

It was definitely a fun experience!  Caleb was slightly disappointed that there weren't real knights, but the real horses satisfied him.

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