Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mow, Mow, Mow the Lawn...

Lawn-mowing must be a major topic of conversation in your life when your husband uses it in his sermon and you blog 3 times about it. 

But nevertheless, here I am again.

Just how tall was the grass, Julie? 

I'm so glad you asked.

We had pieces that were upwards to 24 inches.  That's two feet tall, people!!!

Rednecks, we are.

Rednecks with ground bees.


Yesterday, we did have a bit of progress in the grass-cutting.  Before he began, Matt had to assess the situation and determine his plan of attack. Afterall, this was a major undertaking.

He got quite a bit of the backyard cut before FIVE ground bees landed on his chest.  He didn't get stung, but it was enough to make him quit!

Then he headed to the front yard and cut that again. 

At least we don't look like rednecks from the road...just to our next door neighbors.

So this is what it looks like now....a little better!  And he did buy some better stuff at Sneade's that will hopefully kill these nasty things once and for all!!!

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