Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buzz Lightyear, to the Rescue!

Caleb got a new backpack for preschool.  Of course, he wanted Batman, but "settled" for Buzz Lightyear when they didn't have his favorite hero.  I'm pretty sure he was quite satisfied for the Toy Story hero, though.  Here's the story:

I cut the tags off when we got home, and he opened each of the pockets to examine its contents.  When he opened the big pocket and pulled out the tissue, he exclaimed, "MOMMY!  The gave me two sets of wings!!!"  Then he opened the smaller pocket, pulled out another piece of tissue, and screamed, "There's another set for you!!" 

He then proceeded to run around with the pack on his back and the "wings" trailing behind him, yelling, "To infinity and BEYOND!!"

Unfortunately, I could never catch him doing it on video!

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