Saturday, August 7, 2010

Safari Niagara

On Friday, we went to a safari park about 15 minutes from the Falls...but miles from the crowds!!!  We were the only foreign license plate there, so it was definitely a local scene.  After being there, I can see why!!  If you go to Niagara and have kids (or even if you don't!), you should definitely set a day aside to go here.  The animals were in a really nice habitat that looked very natural. 

For $2 extra, you can ride the tram as often as you want.  On 110 acres, it was an excellent decision!

Our first stop was the splash pad.  It was a rather chilly morning and the water was downright COLD!  Caleb didn't seem to mind, but Matt sure did!

We watched a presentation about giraffes, and then we waited in line for a chance to feed Noah the Giraffe!

They had paddle boats there and I thought it would be tons of fun to take a ride around the lake.  WRONG!  Caleb wouldn't sit still, I was terrified that he would fall out, and Matt whined about having to paddle against the "current" (we were in a lake...).  Needless to say, we weren't out too long! 

The day was tons of fun and well worth the money.  We stayed for the entire day and succeeded in thoroughly tiring Caleb out!  It was a great ending to a fabulous trip!

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