Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons Why Matt is a Great Dad

10. He takes Caleb to the pet store every Monday while I am tutoring, and actually seems to look forward to it!

9. He chimes in during our nightly singalongs, even when I start the song too low for him.

8. He never complained about changing diapers or getting up in the middle of the night to feed Caleb when he was an infant.

7. He calls every day when he is away on a trip just to talk to Caleb and say good night to him. (Don't worry, he calls to talk to me later in the evening!)

6. He enthusiastically celebrated Caleb's first poop in the potty and was even the one to suggest taking pictures of the deed!

5. He never gets tired of "hiding" under the sheets with Caleb and "scaring" me when I walk in.

4. He plays rough with Caleb so that I don't have to.

3. He endures endless Head Sit Manuevers for Caleb's own entertainment.

2. He teaches Caleb about Jesus.


1. He loves our boy unconditionally and isn't afraid to show him his affection! Caleb will know that his daddy (and momma) loves him!

There you have it! He is a great dad! We miss and love you, Matt. Happy Father's Day, wherever you are out there in the Maine wilderness. At least it's not winter!!

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