Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Baby

On Wednesday, Caleb and I visited our local beach for a little fun in the sun. We were the only people there for quite a while, and then there was just one other family with young children as well.

The sand on Caleb's feet didn't thrill him too much, so he basically stayed on the blanket the entire time--I did manage to get him to put his feet in the water for just a few minutes! Nevertheless, he had a marvelous time sitting on the edge of the blanket playing in the sand.

He kept telling me, "I'm having fun at the beach, Mommy," "Thank you for bringing me here, Momma," and "I love it here!" He was so cute!!

The fun at the beach inspired me to get some sand and make a little sandbox. Unfortunately, Walmart didn't have any regular sand...just pink, purple, and blue! Soooo, we got blue. Yes, it is quite messy! (Thankfully, it doesn't stain clothes--it just brushes right off!)

Caleb seems to enjoy the sandbox though...anything for my little boy! :)

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