Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture Updates

Because of my picture-loading situation (that I can't load them directly onto my computer because *somebody* ahem, Caleb, broke the USB port), I've been pretty negligent about putting pictures on here. Sooooo, I'm making up for it tonight. Enjoy picture overload!! :)

PS: I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from my more often now that school is out. Not that I time to sit on my computer all day or anything--a little boy sees to that--but I'm a lot less stressed out and not as tired at night to stay up and blog! Plus, my mind can drift to blogging topics during the day! :)

My mom started Caleb on this new bath time toy. He loved it so much that after a few days of using my real strainer, I found him a child-sized orange one at Michaels for a whopping 70 cents! Wahoo! It's pretty much the best toy ever invented. Perhaps I should buy a few more to have on hand for gifts. Would that be weird?

We went away for a belated five year anniversary getaway in May to a little town in VA. We absolutely loved our B and B...except for the bathing situation. See this jacuzzi? Nice, huh? Welp, that's ALL there shower! It made for very interesting bathing!

No, Sara isn't choking Caleb here. She's just protecting him from the evils that might come upon him while he's singing with the Cherub choir. (meanwhile, that "smile" is actually him gasping for air...)

We bought a blow-up pool that is the next step to our little sprinkler park that we already have. This allows us to put more water in it if we want to so that he can get used to deeper water. Caleb LOVES it! I put some sand toys in there (the closest toys that I could grab) and he went to town. Check out that look of concentration as he's pouring water through the sifter!

Caleb went poop on the potty for the first time on May 27th (yes, I am aware that that was a really long time ago and that I'm pretty sure that I lost my Mom of the Year award for not posting these sooner!) I got in trouble with Facebook for publishing "child pornography" on my profile (don't they understand I'm just a proud Momma??), so I'm going to just include one where Caleb is admiring his accomplishment and one where he's showing off his prize--Baby Hank. This little guy growls, roars, and snorts just like the 35 pound mamma jamma we have in our living room. He basically goes everywhere with Caleb now!

The potty training has been going pretty well. We've been at it for almost a week now and he's pretty consistent with going pee on the potty. He has even told us he had to go twice, which earned him an M & M! The pooping is a little slower, but he's getting there. I'm trying really hard to just stick around the house (which is fine with me, since I have lots to do around here anyway!) and just be very diligent about the training. We've had lots of rehearsals about what he needs to say if he needs to go ("Mommmmmmy! I need to go poooooootty!") and I know that it will come eventually. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a set-back yesterday with an unexpected fever. He basically laid on the couch all day miserable, and I wasn't about to make him do hard-core potty training when he was feeling so bad. He's feeling much better today though (although he has attempted to milk it a bit!)

And of course, what high school graduation party could be complete without a moon bounce??? While we thought it was a little strange, Caleb thought it was awesome! He (we) had a great time bouncing, since he was basically the only kid there for much of the time. It was definitely his favorite graduation party!

There you have it...our life in pictures. I'm thinking about starting a "Wordless Wednesday" post that lots of people do. It's simple a picture that doesn't require any additional commenting. We'll see if I can keep up with it! I've been pretty good about the Not Me! Monday! posts, so maybe I'll be okay.

-------new subject completely-----------
Tomorrow is Relay--I'm so excited! I really love this event. It gives me a chance to remember Lisa and Pop and thank God for my dad. Plus, it's super fun and you get to reconnect with people you don't see often! My dad and I are starting set up at 9 a.m., so it's off to bed for me. Good night!

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