Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer time, and the livin's easy....

Summer is upon us! Tomorrow is my last day with students. Monday, I have a staff meeting, and then I just have to get my signatures so that I can leave! The end is so close I can taste it...

Goals for the summer?

* First on the list is POTTY TRAINING!! We're starting Saturday!! (Matt will be home with Caleb Monday morning)

* We will be hiring someone to do some major painting around here. I want to get some color on these walls...focusing on blues and yellows! Depending on the price, I may be doing the painting upstairs. He will be coming soon to do the estimate. A professional will definitely be doing the areas that people see the most!!

* We're doing VBS again at our church. This year, it's taking place in Rome. Matt is "Paul," and I am one of the group mothers. Caleb is still too little to participate, but they usually bring them out to the actiona few times during the week.

* I will be taking a class July 6-10 on Leadership. Yippee...

* Our family will be heading to one of our favorite spots at the end of July: Lancaster, PA! We are looking forward to some QT with our good friends Kim and Rick, playing at Dutch Wonderland, and just relaxing at our rental house.

* I am going to get Caleb switched over to his new room this summer after it gets painted and decorated. We're going with the baseball theme, and we already have several decorations (a baseball diamond end table, a baseball night light, a small baseball rug, and a few wall stickies). Matt keeps saying he's going to make a headboard out of baseball bats....we'll see if that actually happens! I'm hoping the transition will be minimal, since he's already in his "Big Boy" bed.

* Matt will be heading to Maine in a few weeks, and then to PA a few weeks after that. He seems to be home more this summer, even though it's roughly the same amount of time as last year. I think it's the way the trips are spread out this time. Last year, the trips were almost back-to-back and very long! I'm glad he'll be able to help move some furniture during all of the painting!! :)

So, that's what our summer is looking like. I'm looking forward to lots of outside playtime with Caleb, going to the sprinkler park, and maybe taking some day trips to some fun places like Port Discovery. I'm sure it will go much too fast...hopefully, I will hear some good news that keep me from dreading the fall so much!! ;)

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