Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin...

I am officially 13 days away from potty training! Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen! On June 16th, the potty training extravaganza will begin!!!

Caleb is more than ready (as is evident by his pooping on the potty without coaxing--did I mention that he did it again today for my sister??), but I've been waiting until I got out of school so that I could be consistent. I would much rather wait a little longer than necessary and do it right than have to back-track and try to fix bad habits.

I'm actually excited for this! I have looked forward to giving Caleb this kind of independence (and giving me freedom from diaper changing!) for a long time. I even brought home a bunch of paper cut-out trains that I found in my classroom. I think I'm going to make a mini-bulletin board in the play room that says something like "Chugging Away at Potty Training" or "All Aboard for the Potty!" (Trains are one of Caleb's interests, and he walks around calling "All Aboard!" quite often!) I thought that every time he pooped, I would put the date and a train up...or maybe every day that he stays dry for X amount of time. It would sort of be a little incentive for him and a way to track his progress. Corny? Possibly...but it is definitely the teacher in me!

Matt and I have had lots of discussions and he is more than willing to let me take the lead. He gets frustrated with Caleb really easily, and he has already threatened to spank him for some potty-issue several which I quickly rushed in and reminded him that we DO NOT spank for potty issues! The last thing I want is for him to be scared to have an accident for fear that Daddy will spank him. Accidents are going to happen, and we'll just deal with them (well, I will deal with them...Matt really won't be home this summer to deal with them!)

So, wish me luck...13 days and counting!!

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