Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Confession is good for the soul.

* At "Mini Relay" on Friday, I did not refrain from touching my face (or anything) until I could wash off all of the germs I received from slapping so many dirty little children "fives" as they walked through. I was not completely grossed out by this and was not left wondering why I didn't just put my hands behind my back! I did not scrub my hands an extra long time to get all of the germs off!!

* I did not forget to grab both my soda and my frozen meal from the garage this morning on my way out. I will not be munching on leftover chips from Field Day as a result of forgetting my lunch!

* I do not find myself looking forward to Sunday morning cartoons with Caleb so that I can watch "Little Einsteins" with him. I'm much too old for a preschool show like that, so it's not the least bit interesting and not at all enjoyable!

* I did not dig up some of my basil for Barb to transplant to her garden only to find that she will be absent today! What's more, I'm not planning on keeping the roots wet and seeing if they will grow for her anyway!

* I did not force Matt to get up at 6:30 a.m. this morning to go cut our jungle of a back yard. It was not so overgrown (midcalf) that our neighbor asked me yesterday if Matt's lawnmower was broken! This question did not embarrass me enough to fuss at Matt when he got home and enfore the 6:30 lawn-cutting plan. (He had to cut it that early because that was when I was home to watch Caleb, and he can't cut the entire yard during nap time.) Matt, of course, did not defend his non-lawn-mowing ways by saying that it rained all last week! (I did not come back at that by asking, "What about the week before?")

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