Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

----I tried to post this and it didn't work. I thought I'd lost it--thankfully, the draft was saved!!!!

McMama hasn't posted hers yet and I'm not sure that she will (Stellan was in the hospital again this weekend and things were crazy...if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read her blog. It's one of the ones I post on the right side of my blog. WARNING: it is addictive!!)

Anyway, I'm posting anyway!

* I have not used an incredible amount of bribes this last week in order to get Caleb to go potty...or go to bed...or climb up the stairs...or sit the right way in his car seat. I have not resorted to such measures because I'm a much better mother than that. I have it all under control.

* I did not cause myself a ridiculous amount of pain just by helping to put up a tent at Relay. I was not forced to turn to the TV babysitter (which I seriously NEVER do) yesterday because I couldn't get out of bed.

* I did not hear about the John and Kate Plus Eight announcement tonight and eagerly await 9 p.m. alllllll day!

* I was not invited by our next door neighbor to his granddaughter's first birthday at his house without knowing her (or her parents) at all. I did not immediately say yes because I love Wally and so does Caleb. I definitely didn't acknowledge the fact that this party could very well be the highlight of my week without Matt. I'm not that pitiful. Really.

* Caleb did not pack a few "extra" items in Matt's suitcase for him to enjoy on his trip. I was not frantically searching for my face wash only to find that it was in Maine. Of course, I wouldn't blame Matt for TAKING my face wash. Not me!

* When I was trying to get some laundry done, Caleb did not scream in horror when he saw his beloved blankets in the basket. He definitely didn't pull them out continuously as I carried them downstairs until I told him that he would get a spanking if he did it again. Then, Caleb did NOT run to the basket, climb into it, and plot down rather defiantly while screaming/crying, "DON'T WASH MY BLANKETS!!!!!!!!!" Naturally, I did not turn around so that he couldn't see me laughing. I definitely didn't take pictures with my camera and then one with my cell to send to Matt so that he would have proof of what had happened. He didn't stay there for roughly 20 minutes until I finally convinced him that if he let me wash them now, they would be back on his bed in time for him to go to sleep. *sigh*

Only 20 minutes until John and Kate Plus Eight! :)

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