Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

* I most certainly did not chase another teacher down the hallway trying to beat her to the sign-up list for checking out this morning! I'm not in such a hurry to get my summer started that I need to be first on the list. I was not extremely disappointed to see that my email sent on Friday asking to be checked out didn't allow me to be first on the list...even though she responded and said she'd see me at 10:30. Now I'm #8...but I'm not bitter!

* Along those same lines, another teacher friend and I didn't have a huge (play) fight in the office about who was going to get her cumulative records into the file drawer first. I haven't always had mine in first for the last SIX YEARS so that I don't have to actually alphabetize them. She didn't make such a huge scene about getting hers in first that I didn't proceed to announce that she would be chairing all committees, Green School Coordinator, and Grade Book Coordinator! I also didn't sign her up to be team leader. We're all way too mature for that. :)

* When letting my sister's dog out on Sunday, Caleb didn't lock me out of the house by locking the storm door. He didn't then look like he was about to drink bubbles right before he shut the main door so that I could no longer see him. I didn't repeatedly call my sister and brother-in-law on their cell phones, and I definitely didn't leave a panicked message on my BIL's phone asking him to call me back immediately. When Matt also didn't answer his phone, I didn't begin to seriously wonder why people have cell phones in the first place! I certainly didn't seriously contemplate breaking a window to get to my son! I wasn't panicked at all about the whole ordeal. I was perfectly calm throughout the entire thing, knowing that Caleb was fine inside the house alone.

* I'm not sitting here bored to tears because I'm just waiting around to be checked out. I wasn't equally bored Friday afternoon...not so bored that I wrote an entire paper for the class I'm taking in July! I'm certainly not creating things for myself to do to pass the time.

HAPPY SUMMER! (anytime now...)

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