Monday, June 8, 2009


Update 6/10/09:

Caleb and Rebecca were playing hide and seek last night. She especially liked hiding in the closet, but Caleb kept slamming the doors in her face. :)

Rebecca is Caleb's imaginary friend. She started living with us over the weekend (just showed up on our doorstep and is apparently here to stay!) and Caleb and Rebecca had a grand old time! The first time I "met" her, she was sitting right next to Caleb at the kitchen table. I noticed Caleb talking to someone, and I asked who he was talking to. "Rebecca!" he replied. Of course, I asked who Rebecca was, to which is replied, "She's sitting right here, Mommy!" Silly me...

So, here's a new addition to our family. I'm sure there will be many stories to come about the adventures they will have!

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Katie said...

Lucy has an imaginary friend named Dee Dee. According to what I have heard about her when I ask, she is very tiny and likes to ride in the cup holder when we travel. Oh, to be a 2 year old!