Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

I really enjoy this post and find myself actually mentally filing away events that I can include! Here are this week's ahem not-confessions!

* I most definitely did not shamelessly bribe all three of my groups of kids with popsicles in exchange for their good behavior during Musical Theatre Club rehearsals and shows! It didn't work like a charm, either!

* While at a graduation party, Caleb didn't hold my hand with one hand while poking his finger in the graduation cake with the other!! I'm a much more attentive parent than that, so I wasn't looking at photo albums instead of doting on my 2 year old. Of course, I didn't immediately grab him and walk away very quickly, pretending like we didn't just taint a beautiful cake with the graduate's picture on it!

* Matt didn't decide to give Caleb his first real at-home hair cut, despite my strong objections. We didn't put him in the bath tub naked and attempt to hold him still. Caleb certainly didn't scream at all of the hair all over his body--definitely not screaming "There's hair on my penis!" over and over again! What's more, I didn't proceed to attempt to blow the hair off of his body...that would just be futile, since Matt is still cutting his hair at this point. This wasn't one of the funniest "Caleb Moments" we've had in a long time, and we certainly didn't have a good laugh at his expense!

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