Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rehab days 14 and 15

I went home with Caleb last night so I could work and attempt to get a few things ready for Abby.  I didn't get too far on that, but I was at least able to get a day's work in.  This is our summative testing season and it's very busy and stressful!  

Matt stayed with Abby last night and today, which gave him a chance to learn some of her care and the therapies she will need.  I am determined for this not to be a one-woman show! 😳. Of course, coming home to see the condition of my house after I have been away for a month was a bit stressful, since I really didn't have time to work on any of it.  Matt assures me it will be up to my standards by Friday.  🤔

Abby got some one-on-one time with a therapy dog, which made her very happy!


She also walked down 2 flights of stairs and all the way to the Hopkins tunnel to take a picture of the dolphins, then back again and up to flights of stairs!  She is working so hard!

Caleb seemed to have a nice birthday.  I really wanted to make it special for him as best I could.  We got him a balloon and made a bunch of signs for him on Abby's door.  Abby and I set up a treasure hunt for him with clues he had to find around the hospital.  (This was great sneaky PT for Abby too!) The final treasure was a hand-painted treasure chest Abby painted and filled with coins.  She was very proud of it and Caleb did a great job of making a big deal out of it.  We got donuts for his birthday dessert, then we stopped at Wendy's for Frostys on the way home.  

He has had a hard time with this hospitalization because it's the longest we have been away since Abby was born, and it came riding in the coat tails of the long hospitalization in September.  (That one was 14 days and this one will be 26.) Plus, it came over Christmas, New Year's, and his birthday, which was tough for him.  

We still have Christmas to celebrate at home and with my family, so it's not over yet! There are many more presents to open!  If you see him over the next few days, give him a hug and let him know he's a great kid.  The end of this hospitalization is near!!!

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