Monday, January 16, 2017

A Weekend at Home!!

I'm always so good at blogging during hosputalizations--not so good once we get home!!  I seem to hit the ground running and jump right back into things, which is stressful and taxing!  

My mom and Dad did a ton of work at the house before we came home, which was amazing!  Dad even recaulked our bathroom and it looks great!  Have I said recently that my parents are awesome?!

Matt and I had been discussing selling Abby's loft for a while because of her mobility, but we didn't want to upset her.  She knows her limits and decided she couldn't get up there safely, so that made the decision easy.  We picked out some pretty white furniture and I got to work today selling her old stuff!  I can't wait to redo her room. For right now, Abby is sleeping on the crib mattress on the floor.  Chloe thinks it's her bed!


On Friday evening, we finally celebrated Christmas with the 4 of us.  We even had them sit at the top of the stairs like always!


Some of Caleb's favorite gifts were fencing and Harry Potter tshirts, Legos, and a Star Wars clock.

Abby also enjoyed getting Legos, as well as some clothes and a game called Pie Face Showdown.  She thinks it is hysterical!!


On Sunday afternoon, my parents came down to celebrate Christmas with us.  Abby really loved her Calico Critters sets and a camper for them, while Caleb was thrilled to get an Amazon gift card (which he has already spent!) Mom also made dinner for us and it was a really nice evening!

Matt and I gave each other a year of dates, which was really fun to plan.  I had the odd months and he had the even.  Each month, we will do something fun together!  We went on our first date on Saturday to see Mama Mia at the Hippodrome (poor timing, but I bought the tickets months ago!). We look forward to going to some movies, going to a food truck show, visiting gardens, doing a paint night, watching a comedy show, and other fun things!!

It was a busy, but productive weekend.  I'm officially back to work tomorrow after my extended "vacation," so I'll have plenty to jump right into!  My mom and sister are taking turns staying with Abby this week so that I can work.

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