Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ready for School!

We had a meeting at Abby's school today to get her ready to go back.  She is soooooo excited and exclaimed, "I'm so happy!" when we drove in!  This girl loves school, and why wouldn't she?!  The staff has been so wonderful and all of the kids were smiling and waving to her.  It was so sweet.

I went in to talk to her class and brought a little bear with its own little homemade halo to explain it.  The kids were so sweet and I emphasized that she is the same old Abby who loves purple, princesses, Calico Critters, dancing, and singing!  I think they will be just fine with everything.

We are so very blessed to have such an awesome and supportive school.  They really bend over backwards to accommodate our girl.  We are so grateful!!

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