Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rehab Day 13

Sundays are free days, and we enjoyed some fun today!  We had lots of time in the therapy center, did some drawing and coloring, played Uno Attack, and celebrated her good friend's birthday!


This evening, my mom gave me the idea to set up a scavenger hunt for Abby.  I made up a list of things she could find around the hospital, and then she got to take pictures of the items with my phone.  It took a LOT of walking to find everything, with only 2 breaks and no whining!  She had so much fun and worked hard doing it!  Here are her items she found!

A game you have never played, a chair, something purple, something used for therapy 

The hand of a new person, a security dog, the outside, a dolphin, a fork, a power wheelchair, something related to winter, Santa, and birds.

It was fun, and she earned the final 2 stars she needed to earn a movie.  Now she's watching the McKenna American Girl Movie! :)

Tomorrow it's back to the grind!  But at least Caleb and Daddy will come up here for Caleb's birthday!!

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