Friday, January 6, 2017

Rehab Day 11 and a change of plans

So after figuring we had a final decision about the transport issues, I called CHOP ortho to reschedule her follow-up appointment and see if they had thoughts on how we would get up there.  The NP was confused as to why KKI wasn't letting Abby transport and was adamant that she could go to school.  After talking to the surgeon, he echoed her feelings and noted the importance of quality of life and normalcy for Abby.  These were the big issues for us as well.

So...then we were kind of stuck making the decision ourselves because the doctors disagreed. After talking to her rehab doctor here today, she let me know that she fully trusted our surgeon and if he said it was okay for Abby to go to school, then it was okay.  KKI's stance is still that she can't, and we will still have to be transported by ambulance home.  Our time in the car will be limited to driving to and from school (1.5 miles!) and she will still be home the rest of the time, but getting her to school is HUGE.

I feel good about the decision, but some of the people on our team don't agree and it's a bit awkward.  I certainly don't want to put Abby in any danger, but I also think that there's a bigger picture too.  I think we made the right decision.

So....we got to tell Abby the great news!  Matt FaceTimed with us so we could tell her together and she was soooo excited!!  Here is her smiling face (and Matt's!) at the moment we told her.  


She still won't go back right away and won't do full days for a while, and she won't ride the bus the rest of the year.  But just knowing that she will have the routine and normalcy of school will make a huge difference in her recovery.  She needed this.  

Thank you all for your prayers!  I wouldn't have posted last night if I'd known this turn of events...but such is a day in the life of the Abby Saga!  Lol!

 She painted a cape today (purple, of course!) during PT while standing on a cushion and holding on with only one hand.  Hard work!

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Erma said...

That is so beautiful. May the Lord bless you and Matt as parents. You are doing a great, loving job. I'm blessed that Abby can come home and be with the family. With love, Erma Mishler