Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

Dear Caleb,


Ten years old--how did that happen?!?!  I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, you were a 2 year old who loved splashing in the bath tub.

Now you're double digits, and man have you come into your own this year!  You have blossomed into such a fun, wise boy.  I love how much you enjoy school and am amazed by your vocabulary!  It must be all of those books you read!  Every time I turn around, you have a new book because you've already finished the last one.  Thank goodness for libraries!

I'm so proud of your Carson Scholar nominee. It's an honor for you to be chosen by your school, and I love the wonderful essay you wrote.  

You have also been bitten by the acting bug, much like me when I was a kid!  It was fun to watch you perform in your first musical at church.  Now that you have a great part in The Little Mermaid at school, we are all humming the songs all of the time!  I love listening to you sing! (Well, maybe not at 5:30 am...just being honest!)

Caleb, your character and love for Jesus make me so proud.  You know what's right and true, and you don't let others sway you.  You are a light in the darkness, and it's evident to those around you.  

And as far as big brothers go, you are #1!  Your sister loves you so much and pines away for you when we are away.  I love to watch you two play together.  Thank you for being her biggest cheerleader and protector.  I pity the kid who dares to tease her, because they will have you to answer to!

Buddy, I'm proud to call you my son.  Happiest of birthdays!  I love you!


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