Saturday, January 7, 2017

Living With a pinless halo: hair

So since you can't wash your hair in a pinless halo, you have to get creative with cleaning products and styling!

I have tried lots and lots of different ways to clean Abby's hair.  The hospital no-rinse spray is worthless, so don't bother! You really can't use any of the shampoo caps because the halo is in the way.  I have been successful with just wetting the long part a bit with a damp cloth to tame it down. But for cleaning the hair, Morracan Oil is the best.  


It's definitely not cheap, but it's worth it!  I've tried many dry shampoos and none have compared to this.  I especially like that you can choose a blend for dark hair so that white stuff isn't left in it.  This is one of my biggest annoyances with dry shampoos.  

However, if Moraccan Oil isn't in your price range (my mom bought Abby a bottle!) or if you need to buy something at the grocery store, Pantene dry shampoo is pretty good.  The hair seems clean, but it does change the texture...the only way I can describe it is "crunchy."  But other than that, it's a decent cheap alternative.  You could even alternate between Morracan Oil and Pantene to make it last longer.

My mom bought some cute bobby pins and has put Abby's hair in buns several times.  They always turn out so pretty, but Abby will only let her do her hair that way. :)


Otherwise, I have found that a pony tail on the top of the head is the easiest thing to keep the hair out of the way.


Pieces of hair often fall down through the sides of the halo, so little tufts do stick out. I try my best to tuck them back up, but she gets annoyed. :)

If you have a boy with short hair, lucky you!!! Lol!

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