Monday, January 2, 2017

Rehab day 7

This was the last of our light holiday days of therapy.  Tomorrow we are back to the regular schedule!  I am hopeful that Abby will make some gains with eating and drinking so that she can progress to higher textures and thin liquids.  She did eat a whole container of applesauce for dinner, which is no small miracle!  She definitely prefers the crunchy foods, so I'm trying to give her as much as possible for snacks.  Just eat, girl!

Matt and Caleb came for one last winter break visit.  Caleb heads back to school tomorrow and his visits won't be as frequent.  It will be hard on everyone, as we were spoiled by having him here so much!  They enjoyed doing mess-free glitter crafts that Abby gave Abby. They are super cute and easy to do!  

Abby has made a good friend in the hospital.  This girl has a trach and vent due to paralysis from a freak infection.  She is sweet and funny, and very competitive!!  Her mom is really nice too.  The girls have a great time playing together and hang out whenever possible.  They have talked together a bit about the states and questions people ask them, and they have really bonded over their 
"Uniqueness."  It's really neat to see!

Tonight, Abby and I had some fun girl time painting nails.  She picks out her colors...all 5 of them!  😂. Pink, silver, orange, purple, and teal!


She has commented about how beautiful they are many times, and that is all that matters!

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