Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rehab Day 12

We are quite jealous of the snow we got back home, because the final amount here was pretty disappointing.  It definitely wasn't enough to play in!


My sister said their final total was about 8.  It looks like the kids had fun outside in it!

It was a light therapy day with just an hour each of PT and OT.  She spent the rest of the time in the playroom enjoying the attention of the staff and playing with friends.  There's a nice group here now and it's been fun to have playmates.

Tonight was a little rough. Abby has done very well dressing in OT, but is pretty reluctant to do it with me.  We had a bit of a showdown tonight and she ended up kicking me in the jaw.  I walked out for a few minutes, got myself some ice (all of the PT is strengthening her legs quite well!), and cane back in.  She eventually got it together and did it, but it was ugly.  Unfortunately, I'm the one she often takes things out on because I'm here with her.  I often remind her that she's not mad at me, she's mad at the situation.  But...sometimes I still get kicked.  😕

Tomorrow is a therapy-free day, and the birthday of her good friend here.  We look forward to celebrating!  We got her Disney Headbanz, so I think she will like it!


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