Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The dolphin and orca shows

I know there's a lot of controversy about Sea World, but we really enjoyed seeing the animals.

Abby was thrilled to go to the dolphin nursery!  Much to her dismay though, there weren't any true babies.  I think the youngest was 2, and it pretty much looked like a regular dolphin.  I'm pretty sure she was thinking that she would be able to wrap one up in a blanket and feed it a bottle.  No such luck!

The dolphin show was great!  Trainers rode on the dolphins, and they did lots of splashing.  None of us love being wet, so we didn't sit in the splash zone!

The kids oooooohed and aaaaaaaahed over all of the jumps!

The orca show was pretty cool too, although they didn't do as much jumping.  They were more into dancing!

More to come on Sea World!

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