Saturday, January 2, 2016

Surgery #16

Abby will have surgery #16 on Tuesday.  This is the first of her VEPTR expansions, so this should give us an indication of how the rest of these (30ish) should go.

We leave for Philadelphia tomorrow, with pre-op appointments starting bright and early at 7:15!  We are hoping to be done by lunch time so that we can go do something fun.  Reciprocal membership to other science centers means that The Franklin Institute is always a fun place to visit!

No one can exactly tell us how long she will be inpatient, so we are planning on a week.  These are less invasive than the implant surgeries, so we may be home earlier than that.  She will decide that!

If you wear purple on Tuesday, please post a picture and tag us in it!  Thanks for praying and supporting our girl!

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