Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Expansion #1

Abby's expansion surgery went well.  We had our favorite anesthesiologist (I'm aware that it's weird to have a favorite, but when your kid has a ridiculous airway, you stick with the guy who can intubate her!). The funny girl clamped her hand over her mouth as soon as she saw the mask.  Ha!  

Dr. C was able to expand her rib cage 2 cm on both sides.  In his words, "I cranked her up pretty good!"  He is concerned about the way her vertebrae are stacking...they are now shaped more like triangles than rectangles.  Abby will get a ct scan tomorrow to confirm, but she will most likely be getting long rods put in next time on both sides to try to stabilize the spine.  We knew her kyphosis (hump at the top of her spine) was getting worse, so this wasn't much of a surprise to us.  Unfortunately, it means another really big surgery.  He did say that he got a good feel of her ribs today and they are much stronger than before, so getting the long rods in shouldn't be a problem.  That was definitely good news, because strong ribs means the vectors won't break off!  

We are now in a lovely single room with our favorite CHOP nurse, so life is good here on 4S!  Abby spent most of the afternoon crying or dozing.  The pain meds just aren't as strong as what she has been on in the past, so she is feeling a lot more.  Consequently, breathing is more difficult. She's been on and off oxygen today, but she is currently off, so that's good.  

She did play hospital bingo this afternoon, and even ventured to the playroom--in a wagon--for a painting craft.  Unfortunately, IVs in both hands forced her to have to ask me to carry out her painting ideas.  She was disappointed when she realized painting wasn't going to work for her!  She didn't last ling in the playroom before the pain won, so we headed back.  But it was good for her to get a change of scene for a little while, at least.

Please pray that the need for oxygen will be gone, and that her pain will be more controlled.  Also pray that she will become mobile quickly, because my back can't handle the lifting and carrying for long.  (Matt does it when he is here).  

Thanks for all of the prayers, well wishes, and purple pictures!  She absolutely loves looking at the pictures.  Often, it's the only way to get her to smile!

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