Monday, January 4, 2016

Dolphin Training

One of the extras we purchase for our trip was the Dolphins Up Close experience at Sea World.  Abby loves dolphins (especially baby dolphins!) and this was the best option for us, since Abby isn't old enough to get in the water with them.  We were able to learn about dolphins, then the trainer taught us a few commands.  We were then able to train the dolphins.  Of course, we got plenty of petting time and gave them lots of love!

The dolphins did some tricks for us

We gave them some commands, which was pretty fun!

Lots of love!

The highlight was that each of us got to have the dolphin jump up and hit our hand with his nose.

Abby was scared leading up to it and didn't want to participate, but she decided to go for it at the last second!  We were so proud of her!

And of course, they did lots of splashing too!

We aren't allowed to take any pictures during the experience because Sea World is money hungry the cameras apparently scare the dolphins.  Since I desperately wanted these pictures for our memory book because this was a highlight of our trip, we got suckered into buying the package.  But with it came lots of other pictures we got around the park that day, so I think we got our money's worth.

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