Friday, January 15, 2016

Meeting Anna

Make a Wish had set up a private meet and greet with Anna.  Anna would greet Abby as Elsa, finally getting to meet the real Elsa for the first time (in forever...)!  It was such a magical experience!

Abby's first glimpse of Anna

She was a little shy at first, but Anna was wonderful and chatted enough for the both of them. Caleb did a lot of the talking in the beginning too!

Mostly, Abby stood with this dumbfounded grin on her face, in total shock that she was actually meeting Anna!

Anna checked out Abby's Pixie Dusted wish pin!

Abby warmed up really quickly though, and soon they were playing Checkers with Caleb!

Double high fives!

I want to do this experience justice, so I'm going to break this meet and greet up into several different posts.  It's way too magical to share in just one post! 

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