Monday, January 11, 2016

Elsa's Photo Shoot

One of the surprises of Abby's Wish Day was having a photo shoot after her transformation!  The photographer was fantastic and Abby was SO cooperative!  If you know Abs, you know she's a bit stubborn.  Since we couldn't prepare her for the photo shoot, we had no idea how she would do.  But she was such a little ham and totally loved the camera!

When we were packing for the trip, I had to convince Matt that Abby needed her fancy silver sparkly shoes.  He felt like they were unnecessary and she could just walk around in tennis shoes.  I reminded him that she was going to BE Elsa and that Elsa needed fabulous shoes!  However reluctantly, he was able to fit the silver shoes in our bulging suitcase.  But seriously, how perfect are they?!?!  They were worth the extra stress on the zipper!

The Memory Maker editing software allows you to include signatures of the various characters.  So here's Elsa!

Elsa's bodyguard took his job very seriously!  Doesn't she look like a damsel in distress?!

She's using her freeze powers!

Although I'm not normally one for studio pictures or glamour shots...I LOVE these pictures!!  I absolutely love them!  They are a visual reminder of an amazing day!

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Raelyn said...

As a writer, an artist who paints pictures with words, I spend way too much time describing things. These pictures!! One word.... Beautiful!! No. Two words.... Darling!! No. Three words.... Precious!! ;)
Love you later, Raelyn