Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another big one

Abby will have another big insertion surgery in April or May to put in 2 long rods.  We are hoping that he can do both at the same time, but he said he would have to think about that.  Her kyphosis has gotten significantly worse in the last year, which we knew, so these rods should help to stabilize her and straighten her up again.  Unfortunately, it means 2 more big incisions and at least one more major surgery (although all of the veptr surgeries are considered major).  

Abby is still in a lot of pain, but they said they can't really go up on her pain meds.  I got her to the playroom only for her to cry from the pain and ask to go back.  :(. If you have been following her journey long, you know that we have to practically drag her away from the playroom, so this is pretty sad.  She is so pitiful and it's hard not being able to do anything to help her.  Please pray that they can get her pain under control.  

Matt headed home for youth group tonight, so it's girl time here on 4 south.  I might see if she is up for a wagon ride down to the big ball machines in the atrium later.  That usually perks her up.  I'll do just about anything to make her smile!!

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