Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bandage Removal is of the Devil!

Abby is post-op day 7, so it was time to remove her bandages.  This is never fun, but tonight was absolutely miserable!  They used a different kind of bandage and it was impossible to get off.  I always soak it in almond oil to loosen the stickiness, but the oil did nothing to help this time.  She was absolutely sobbing and shuddering in Matt's arms while I tried to be as gentle as possible.  There were three sets of tears falling by the time we were done.  :(

So tonight after Abby was asleep, I decided to work on a project that someone had shared on our VEPTR support group.  I used the dot paints to document some of Abby's medical challenges that aren't so fun.  We will keep adding to it as a way for her to show off her bravery!

Red = hospital admissions (just admissions, not the number of days--that would fill up the poster!)

Orange = blood draws

Purple = surgeries

Green = xrays and ct scans

I had to estimate a bit on the blood draws, xrays, and cts, but I got as close as I could to the exact amount.

This kind of puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

How big is Abby's brave??

Pretty darn big, girl.  Pretty darn big.

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