Friday, April 24, 2015

Rough, rough night

Last night was not good.  Around midnight, Abby had to be put on cpap because her respiratory rate was in the 70s and she was taking really shallow breaths.  The doctor ordered a chest X-ray and saw pleural effusion, which is fluid surrounding the lungs.  It was confirmed with an ultrasound, and a repeat X-Ray was done this morning, so they are trying to decide if she needs a chest tube.  

Unfortunately, cpap doesn't seem to be working.  She's now on 3 liters of oxygen and still struggling to keep her oxygen levels above 90.  Her respiratory rate really hasn't changed much, despite the cpap. So....the nurse thinks if Abby doesn't show improvement, the doctors may want to intubate to give her lungs a break.  

Please pray that she starts taking slow, deep breaths.  I've been channeling my inner yoga momma to try to coach her, but I'm not cutting it!  

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