Friday, April 24, 2015

I'll never get used to it

"Code blue, 7 south, room 21.  Code blue, 7 south, room 21."

I look up in alarm as ten staff members take off in a dead run down the hallway.  The alarm continues to repeat the location as more staff members head that direction.  

I'll never get used to it.  Somewhere down the hall, someone's child is fighting for his or her life.  Next time, it could be room 6.  Somewhere, there is a mom praying that her child will make it.  Tears roll down my cheeks for her, because I've been there.  The image of 15 staff members crowding the room to attend to my daughter as her oxygen levels plummet will forever be sketched in my head.  

And I know that up and down the hallway, there are moms and dads just like me praying for the situation, but silently thanking God that it wasn't their child.  

This time.

Because, you see, parents like us--we live in the woods with our kids.  They are never truly "out of the woods."  We have just learned to find beauty in what the woods has to offer and make the best of it.

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bronysuredoes lovegabriel said...

You are so right. The woods are always there, but the flowers, birds, and peaceful brooks are there as well. The reality of it all is that all mothers pray this prayer for one reason or another. The faith of our prayers will lead us to a time and place where we won't need to pray these kinds of prayers anymore. Soon, very soon we will offer continued praise for the blessing of seeing Christ, the Savior and healer of all ills I look forward to that day when we will be in His presence forever free from what this world has to offer. Continue your walk of faith and trust. Always see the beauty and blessings in everything. God is and will always be with you.