Sunday, April 26, 2015

Post op day 3

Abby has had a big day so far!!!!  She got her drain and pain ball catheter out, her Foley catheter was pulled, she is off the cpap while awake as long as she does ok, and she got out of bed for the first time!  All before 12:00!!!

She went from the bed to a chair when she got out.  She didn't really walk at all and was heavily supported, but it was just nice to see her upright for a second!  She is now allowed to sit in the chair 3x a day for at least 30 minutes each time.  Tomorrow, we may try working on taking a few steps.  They brought us a tiny little wheelchair to sit in as well, but she's not cleared for going anywhere just yet.  

Pain wise, she is still having spasms around hour 4 or 5 after getting the Valium (it is given every 6 hours).  They added another pain med that we will give in between Valium doses, so I'm hoping that will help keep her comfortable.  It's sad to see her arching her back and kicking her legs from the sharp pain.  We just have to figure out the right combo to keep her comfy.  

Abby is also cleared to eat now!  I ordered her a variety of things, hoping to entice her with something....all she has eaten is 4 goldfish.  It's a start!  She is drinking apple juice like a champ though, so that's something.  

We have been playing princesses and she is acting like her normal cheerful self!  I love it!!!

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