Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rib Meat

Guys, I'm gonna be real.  The anxiety about the upcoming surgery is creeping up again.  Last time, Abby's ribs were too flimsy to hold the veptr.  Dr. C. Called them a "ribbon consistency."  So he did bone grafts and we are trying again on the 23rd.  

Please pray for MEATY RIBS!!!  We want these ribs to be nice and strong so that they will hold the veptr device properly.  No one chooses the veptr unless there are no other options, so we have been praying fervently that the veptr will be implanted to give Abby a new lease on life!

We won't know if the bone grafts worked until the surgery begins, so that gives us 15 more days to pray for a miracle!

We would also love for you to pray that Abby doesn't catch any germs between now and the 23rd!  We don't want to have to postpone the surgery if we can avoid it.  

Thank you, prayer warriors! 

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