Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A New Plan

Abby has terrible veins and blows through very quickly....like within a few hours! That, coupled with the risk of needing tpn for pancreatitis issues, made everyone think a picc line would be in her best interest. This is surgically inserted and can stay in for a long time.  They can draw blood off of it and it's in the upper arm where she has full mobility, unlike some other iv sites.  We loved the picc she had in November!

Unfortunately, the length of Abby's surgery means she can't get the picc line on top of it.  They don't have the OR for that long.  So we were told this afternoon that they have to place it tomorrow under general anesthesia and they will then admit her tomorrow after she wakes up.  We have to be there at 11:30, so we are losing a free day. :(

This is definitely in her best interest though, so we are willing to sacrifice a day.  It's a pretty simple procedure and we aren't expecting any issues.  We would appreciate your prayers though!

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