Friday, April 10, 2015

Hearing Aids Have Changed My Girl's Life!!

I never really thought hearing aids were a big deal to begin with.  After dealing with a trach and a vent, what's a hearing aid?  Plus, no one even really notices them because her hair completely covers everything.  Except that Abby loves to show them off ("See my purple sparkly hearing aids?!?!"), no one would ever have to know she had them.   But even if I did have reservations in the beginning, I'M A BELIEVER!!!  I love those tiny molded pieces of plastic!!!!!

The differences we have seen in Abby have been so amazing.  We had no idea how much she was missing until we saw how much more engaged she is now.  She is part of every conversation, throwing her two cents in whenever she pleases!  Caleb jokingly commented that he didn't think she could get any sassier, but she has!

Conversations in the car were basically non-existent because she just couldn't keep up with what we were saying--especially when I couldn't look at her.  Now we happily talk about school or play little games as we drive.

I've never gotten much out of Abby regarding school. Sure, little things might slip out here and there regarding what they did, but she has never really told me a lot.  Yesterday, she filled me in on the tallest, longest, and shortest animals that she learned about that day in class without me even asking, and then she proceeded to quiz me about the information!  I have never heard her go into that much detail about school in almost the two years she has been there.

I am so thrilled for her and know this will only help her as she begins school.  I'm so glad we were able to get them now so that she will start pre-k next year as equipped as possible.  With so much improvement in just two weeks, we are excited to see how much she is able to learn now that she can actually hear!  Thank you Lord for technology!

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