Monday, November 17, 2014

She's Talking!!!!

Praise God!!!!!  She is talking!!!  She was mad because I wasn't getting in bed with her (a bad habit we have started the last few days...) and she yelled Momma!  I nonchalantly answered and just kept the conversation going.  It worked!  

The tears were flowing tonight!  I told her she scared us so much!  Her sweet reply was, "I won't do that anymore."  What a sweet, wonderful little girl!  I have missed her so much!!!


Sandy said...

Praises!! :) God is mighty and awesome!

Raelyn said...

I was sitting on my bed earlier this afternoon--while stroking my mutt, Rose's velvet-soft fur--when I thought aloud, "I wonder if it isn't that Abby CAN'T talk, but that she WON'T talk? I wonder if after the screws are removed from her jaws today, Abby will talk again? You use your jaws to talk!! I wonder if it hurt her to talk? I wonder if it isn't that Abby CAN'T talk, but that she WON'T talk? She is, after all, one stubborn little girl!!" ;-D
Did Abby have the screws removed--and her MRI--done today? Just wondering!! ;)
Thanks be to God!! ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn

Amelia said...

HOORAY! I found your blog via another so we do not know each other personally, but I have been following this story with great sympathy and concern for your family. I thank you for your regular updates and am so happy that Abby is talking again.

Anonymous said...

So happy to her that Abby is talking. Praise to God. I follow your blog and have been keeping your family in my prayers. I don't usually comment but I wanted to let you know I am praying that she will continue to improve. Tric Gillette