Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Abby's surgery for her jaw, ears, and gtube is tomorrow at 12.  (It just got changed on us a little while ago).  I know she would love to see lots of pictures of people in their purple!  If you wear purple, take a selfie and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #purpleforabby so that I will be able to easily find them all in one spot.  

If you can't do it tomorrow, post it anytime over the next week!  Abby will be a Sleeping Beauty for at least the next six days because the doctors want to give her jaw time to heal before they take the breathing tube out.  

When she wakes up, she will absolutely LOVE seeing everybody go #purpleforabby!!  The ones that got the biggest laugh out of her were the purple pets.  We seriously still look at the purple pictures from last summer!

Thank you all for your cobtinued support and love for my girl!  I will write updates on my blog tomorrow throughout the day after surgery starts.  Lay out your purple tonight!  We will all be sporting our awesome Joyrunners shirts so that we can be #purpleforabby!

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