Thursday, November 6, 2014


Update:  scratch that.  She is still moving around and I've traded in the couch for a chair next to her bed.  I guess I'm done sleeping.  You win, Abs!  :)

My crazy girl is showing her sassiness any way she can!  Despite her heavy sedatives and paralytic, Abby started waking up and moving around at about 1:00 am. She would calm down when I put my hand on her head, but would start right up again if I took it off.  She loves attention!  Lol!

The doctor went up on her sedative, but she started waking up even more--to the point where we had to hold the breathing tube in! Then the doctor went up on her paralytic AND her sedation meds (again). She finally calmed down once those drugs took effect. 

My girl can show off her personality even when she's supposed to be in a coma!  Sassy, I tell ya!  Love it!!

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Raelyn said...

It's as though Abby is thinking: Jaw distraction surgery? A coma? I have seen worse. Bring it!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn