Friday, November 7, 2014

Abby Loves Attention

Am I allowed to call Abby a Drama Queen?  I think I can.  I just did, cuz she is!

Thankfully, today wasn't nearly as eventful as yesterday.  But Abby is still finding ways to show off.  Today, she was enjoying having low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide levels.  She took turns between those alarms.  The team decided to change some of her vent settings, give her a significant increase in medication, and pull her breathing tube out a tiny bit because they felt it was too far down.  
Obviously, any movement of the tube concerned me!  It was all very structured though, and everything went fine.  

I have to say that I am very, very impressed with how seriously the team is taking Abby's airway.  Today during rounds, the attending doctor went over Abby's emergency protocol with the team. They discussed what they would do if the tube came out, then she quizzed various staff members. (There were residents, nurses, nurse practicianers, fellows, and a pharmacist in the rounding team).  Then, before they moved the tube, the doctor reviewed the emergency protocol with everyone again.  It made me feel very safe and secure!  Thankfully, no emergency protocols were needed today!

We had our same fabulous nurse as yesterday, so I felt like it was safe to go down to the cafeteria for a few minutes to get lunch after rounds were over.  It was nice to take a break for a few minutes, but I didn't stay long.  

The jury is still out about the night nurse.  He seems to think he knows all about Abby and has given wrong information several times.  I don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight either...

Thank you for all of your prayers and sweet comments about Abby.  I have loved looking at all of the purple pictures and reading everybody's encouraging posts.  We are hanging in there!

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