Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Cant Wait to Go Home!

Thats what the sweet girl said to me this evening as I out her to bed.  Me neither, girlfriend!  It's been a long month away from home and we are ready to return to whatever our normal is.  

My dad is still in the hospital, but is doing better.  He was taken off of oxygen today and has done well so far.  We are hoping that he will come home early this week.   We will all be very glad when he is home!

Abby has done well with tolerating her feeds, so we are hopefully that this is her last night with TPN.  Her doctor will be back tomorrow, so we will see what she says.  It will be interesting to see how she does once we start compressing the feeds (we want to do a whole lot in 30 minute chunks so that she doesn't have to be attached to a pump all day). I hope her stomach handles it okay! 

 I did have a tiny fright with her gtube.  A small, movable bump appeared under the surface and was causing her pain.  We had several doctors visit her and they have determined that it is a dissolvable stitch that didn't dissolve, so the body is trying to fight it off by surrounding it with stuff.  It will hopefully go away on its own, so they don't think it's anything to worry about.  Shew!

The weekends are long and boring, so we were very thankful for our visitors!  It definitely helps make the days go faster and it's fun for Abby to have new faces besides me.  I think she's tired of me. :). 

We have also done a lot of playing with a few other kids on the unit.  The little 6 year old boy next door has had fun playing with Abby.  He is from Dubai and speaks almost no English, so we have been teaching him. (Who says the ESOL teacher is on leave right now?!). It's so cool to see kids still play together and enjoy each other, despite the language barrier.  We have learned a little Arabic too!  We have also been playing a lot of games with our buddy I shared about on Thanksgiving.  Everyone especially enjoys chasing after his remote control truck as he drives it around the unit!

We still aren't sure when we will be home.  It really depends on how she handles compressing these feeds.  Friday will be a month inpatient....for a surgery that was supposed to be 10 days in!  But, at least they discovered the problem and were able to treat it.  She is feeling well and is happy, so we can hang out a little while longer.  

Just as I wrote this last sentence, the kid next door started screaming through our paper thin walls. 

 I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this...


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Raelyn said...

Hang in there, Friend!! ;)
Love you later, Raelyn