Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why You Should Be a Lock and Lock Supporter

Being a Lock & Lock Supporter definitely has its advantages!  If you have a blog and have a love for L & L, you should look into it.  Here's why:

1.  I LOVE getting to test out products that I might not otherwise know about. 
2.  I get notified about the sales and good deals first.
3.  I get to read the blogs of other supporters and learn about their interests.
4.  Others come to my blog to see the L &L products and are able to hear our story.
5.  Did I mention all of the free stuff????

Exibit A:
This salad bowl is awesome!  It's really big and has 6 locks instead of the typical 4, so the lid stays on really well.  I can't wait to take this to my next pot luck or cook-out with fruit, pasta, salad, etc.  The handle is the best part!  I was also pleasantly surprised at the price.  This would be a really nice wedding shower gift for someone.

Exibit B: 
I have seen these airless containers advertised, but didn't have any myself.  You are supposed to be able to remove all of the air, which keeps bacteria from being able to grow.  Your food stays fresher a whole lot longer!

There is a little dial on it that has 1-30 so that you can keep track of how old the food is.  I can't imagine eating 30 day-old green beans, but I guess if they aren't moldy...

I am very anxious to try this container out.  I might do a little science experiment by putting food in one of these, a regular L & L container, an "other brand" container, and a plastic bag to see which one stays fresh the longest!  Look for pictures of the science experiment soon!  :)

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