Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Food 101

With Caleb, I pretty much made all of his baby food.  I found it to be a lot cheaper, but wasn't anti-store brands by any means.  It was just more cost-effective for us, and I liked doing it.  I would make a big batch at once and fill ice cube trays.  Once the food was frozen, I would pop them out and put them in a container with a label on it. 

Well, that's just not going to work so well with Abby.  See, she only eats 1 teaspoon 4x a day.  That's 5 mls....not very much!!  One regular ice cube of frozen food would last her about 2 weeks. You can't thaw and refreeze food....which means we would be wasting a lot of food. 

So, this time around it is more cost-effective for us to buy food.  When I open a can, I put it into this cute little ice cube tray I found that is actually for cocktail drinks.  I'm repurposing it. :)  Each little cube is just about 2 1/2 mls, so we give Abby 2 at a time.

This makes 60 cubes, which is about 30 feeds for Abby.  One container of food fills up all but maybe 5 of the cubes, so that means that one container of baby food will feed Abby for almost a month!

I pop them out and store the little cubes in a small Lock and Lock container (the same size I use for Caleb's sandwiches, actually) and keep them in the freezer.

It's not quite the way most of you do/have done it, but it works for us!

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Mindi and Adrian said...

What a great idea. If you did want to make some of her food in small quantities you should check out the book The Best Baby Food on the Planet. All the recipes for baby food take 5-10 minutes to make and are single serving. I have been using them with Noah since he is taking about 1 tablespoon right now.